Valmont The Oxygen Symphony Set

Valmont The Oxygen Symphony Set


Valmont’s exclusive The Oxygen Symphony set includes the Happy Mask Prime Renewing Pack to instantly refresh and boost radiance. It also features the oxygenating airy DetO2x, the energizing cellular anti-aging serum Prime B Cellular and the eye and lip contour corrective treatment Prime Contour.

The 4-piece skincare set includes:
DetO2x Cream - 45ml
Prime B Cellular Serum - 30ml
Prime Renewing Pack - 15ml
Prime Contour Eye Cream - 5ml


Deto2x Cream:
Deto2x Cream offers the skin a true breath of fresh air. Each day, the cream captures oxygen in the atmosphere and infuses it into the skin. That is why the cream features a foamy / whipped cream texture that is recreated each and every day.

Prime B Cellular Serum:
Prime B-Cellular is a super-concentrated serum featuring a soft and soothing texture. Its formula is enriched in Peptides+ to bring to the skin all the necessary elements to protect it against cutaneous ageing and help maintain its natural elasticity and suppleness.

Prime Renewing Pack:
Prime Renewing Pack is a sumptuous non-greasy, creamy mask. Designed as a revitalising treatment, it re-balances the epidermis and stimulates it while regulating its hydrolipidic film. Rich in Triple DNA and RNA and an incredible cocktail of peptides, this anti-wrinkle mask also possesses a clarifying and smoothing action, giving skin an instant glow.

Prime Contour Eye Cream:
Prime Contour is a rich non-greasy cream designed for the eye contour and the lips. This fine emulsion protects the delicate skin around these areas, limits water loss and delivers nourishment. Rich in Triple DNA, RNA and Peptides+, it helps diminish the visible signs of time.